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Physics at Home

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    I'm sure everyone here loves to do physics at home. This weekend I made a cheap http://www.cymek.com/?q=node/109", but I want to know what other physics related activities people are doing at home.
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    If you go to http://www.physicscentral.com/" [Broken] run by the APS and click on Physics @ Home, you'll find several physics projects.

    The APS and AIP webpages are usually the best places to start when looking for physics-related news, information, and activities.

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    Those Physics @ Home are great at explaining certain things at home, but I am interested in what people are actually doing, not just fun things like I made, but what about real physics at home?
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    I'm not sure that can be called physics at home but it was interesting:

    I got an old (20 years or so) 220V-24V transformer from my grandpa and connected a self-made bridge circuit to it. Now I have a DC 24V source at home. Yay. Nothing much, but I think even things like this help to improve the understanding about them.
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    Perhaps I should have said science at home, or lab at home. But this is what I was asking about, I like doing stuff like this, and was just taking a temperature of were the community is.
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    Well, I'm not doing any science but every now and then I like making experiments like this. I also made a copper vitriol crystal. Took a week, but now it's about 4x4x4 cm and looks nice on my bookshelf.

    P.S That rectifier was made just for fun. I have no actual use for it.
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