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Physics at Howard U

  1. Apr 30, 2009 #1
    Hi I'm a physics major in my sophomore year.
    Im currently at IndianaU-south bend (some hood you wont ever visit lol)
    could you tell what you think about my possibilities??

    ok, I applied to:

    georgia state university
    mercer university
    howard university

    my point:
    I want to medical physics at Georgia tech as a graduate student later, so do you think going to to Howard U for example is a good move? I might try to transfer to University of Georgia, so please tell me, what you think about every single one of my choices (honestly :) )

    thank you guys
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    To my knowledge, Georgia Tech doesn't have a CAMPEP accredited medical physics program. While it may have a good program, my advice for anyone considering medical physics is to at least aim for a school that has this accreditation. The reason is that the cirriculum and staff qualifications have been independently verified and found to meet a standard necessary to prepare the student for a residency or junior physicist position on graduation. That's not to say that other programs such as Georgia Tech's do not meet this standard, only that that is hasn't been independently verified.

    I don't know much about the undergraduate schools you've listed. My advice is to make sure whatever program you pursue has a solid physics program and that all the prerequisite courses you need to get into your program of choice are available to you. Some medical physics programs, for example, require at least one undergraduate anatomy and physiology course.

    Other than that, the real concern is that graduate school in general, and medical physics programs in particular are very competative, so it will be important to keep your grades up, and perhaps get involved in a research project if at all possible.
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