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Physics at univercities

  1. Jul 27, 2010 #1
    hi,i am a second year student of physics.
    i want to know what do a second year student of physics should study?i mean what lessons,books,etc?
    our univercity professors cant teach well,and they make me CRAZY !!!
    So i decided to study on my own...
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    Does your university not have a list of courses that are required for a physics degree, and some indication of their sequence?
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    Of course i have the list,i want to know whether in other countries is different or not !
    and also what books do you study in your UNI,maybe we are studying different books for the same course.i just wonder if there is better books for a specific course to study
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    You can get some course notes here:


    This should give you an idea of what type of things are covered.

    You might get more answers if you tell us what courses you're taking in second year, and telling us what textbooks are assigned/what you don't like about them. That way, people here can make recommendations of alternatives. There is no point in me recommending a book or notes for a second year course I took that isn't an option for you - rather, it won't help you get a degree. If you want to self-study over-and-above your standard curriculum, then things are a bit different.
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    And the material covered in the second year probably varies from country to country, and even between universities in the same country (at least it does in the US).
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    I'm not in a position to give any advice on books, but here is what my 2nd year in physics would've been like had I decided to stick with it:

    What about your courses?
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    One of the standard upper division E&M texts is Griffith's E&M text and a standard upper division quantum text is his quantum text. However, as "standard" as the texts are, not all universities use them! From what I can gather, it's probably used by at least 50% of universities for the course, but beyond that, who really knows. Marion and Thornton's classical mechanics text is pretty standard as well.

    However, this is definitely not "standard" in a sense that everyone uses it however. They may not even be the best texts! You'll find a number of texts at the same level but I think if you have to have an answer, those texts are as close as you'll get to some "standard"
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