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Physics audio lessons

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    Heu does any one know of any quality physics radio stations or different lessons of maybe even books read as mp3s or such that you could post some links to?
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    wow this is all really great stuff but i think it it a little over my head for right now but none the less the post was appretiated. If any one knows of any more please share
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    i'll mail you the bill.
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    in accordance with tido's request, does anyone know of any free online physics textbooks
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    yeah ive founda very good site that has a range of topics but it is mainly for beginners
    http://www.rogerbacon.org/~jgutzwiller/Physics%20Videos/Physics_Videos.htm [Broken]

    just a little somthing for begginers like me
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    hey thanks vast, i appreciate it. and sorry tido for hijacking tha thread.
    nice one bruva , nice one BRUVA!! :yuck:
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    audio books?.....anyone
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    these are what I have, some are books some are lectures
    TTC Science in the Twentieth Century A Social-Intellectual Survey

    E=MC2 - David Bodanis -

    Entanglement by Amir Aczel

    Joy of Thinking - The Beauty and Power of Classical Mathematical Ideas (Edward B. Burger and Michael Starbird)

    Modern Physics for Non-Scientists

    - Albert Einstein - Relativity

    Pollock, Steven - Particle Physics For Non Physicists - 24 Lectures

    The Fabric of the Cosmos -Brian Greene

    TMS - 23 - Astronomy.- Earth, Sky and Planets (14 lectures + gb) - James B Kaler

    TMS - Astronomy, Stars, Galaxies & the Universe

    TTC - Einstein's Relativity and the Quantum Revolution

    TTC - Understanding the Universe

    TTC History of Science from 1700 to 1900

    TTC History of Science from Antiquity to 1700

    Feynman's Rainbow

    Connections by James Burke
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    thanks tribdog!

    Does any one have/know where to get the full Richard Feynman Lectures From CALTech?
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