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Physics-based space game

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    Inspired by Atari's arcade game "Lunar lander", I wrote a game for my Physics students to help them understand the Gravitation and Satellite Motion chapter.

    Although anyone can quickly learn to play the game, the advantage will go to those that develop an intuitive feel for orbital motion and can make sense of the data provided.

    This HTML5 game runs on any platform in a web browser. Feel free to use with your students too. Any comments or suggestions for improvements are welcome. The 2 main goals are: It has to be fun enough that they'll want to play, and it must have some educational value in a Physics class.

    Game: http://orbitsimulator.com/spaceGame.html

    Instructions are here: http://orbitsimulator.com/spaceGameRead.html
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    Awesome work Tony! You need to think of an actual name for this though :)
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    Awesome :smile: Good work.
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    That some really good work.... The earth rotated out of the sun's photon waves because I used up too much 1/ frequency...Now my wife will scream "The sun set and you didn't water the grass"!
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