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Physics before Med/BioMed/BioEngineering?

  1. Mar 3, 2005 #1
    Now that I have a BS Applied Physics I'm having a tough time deciding what I want to do. I'm still young(22), I have 2 years of programming experience in electronics, and 2 years of materials modelling and simulation at a national lab. But I really dont want to do programming OR materials science.

    Is physics a degree that would be beneficial if I decided to go to medical school? I'm sure I could handle it in terms of intelligence. But I don't know if thats what I want to do either. Whatever I decide it must be for the betterment of human life, and it must be a very challenging field that many people cannot do. That way I'm using myself to the full potential.

    So I guess the main question behind this rant is:
    Is physics a good preliminary degree for entrance to medical school? How about Bio-Medical research/engineering?
    What are the top schools in the country for BioMedical Engineering (along the fields of artifical limb research(plastics), nano-capsule delivery systems, electromagnetic field application, radiation application)?
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