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Homework Help: Physics board question

  1. Nov 23, 2009 #1
    Can't remember how the question is exactly asked but its something like this. A block is resting on a board and the board is at an angle of 15 degrees with the horizontal. What is the force on the block?
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    Does the problem want a numeric answer or a symbolic answer? What are the given quantities? Those kinds of things you need to know before you can answer the question properly.
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    I was told to just do the tangent of 15 degrees but idt thats right..
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    Yeah there looking for force normal I believe but the question doesnt give a weight of the board... so this doesn't make sense.
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    Pardon me, but could it be one of those trick questions?
    The block is "resting" suggests it is not accelerating. Therefore the total force on it is zero.

    There is quite an explanation of how to find the components of the force of gravity on a ramp here: http://www.physics247.com/physics-homework-help/slope.php
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