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Physics Book Suggestion

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    I am interested in Physics and i think i will cont. my career on it.I wanna buy a physics book , uses considerably medium-high maths.I know all formulas.Now i am finishing colllege grade and i just know physics topics and never thought about their logic and wanna understand them and think hard on them.So which book u suggest for me ?

    Note : Got Feynman Lectures on pdf.

    Giancoli physics?
    Berkeley physics?
    Ohanian physics ?

    Thanks for sugg.
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    For the 3 mainstays (mechanics, E&M, QM), many colleges use Marion and Thorne for the first and Griffiths for the other two. These have the advantage that there are solutions manuals either available or online. Putterman at UCLA once said that if you can truly understand the 3 volumes of feynman lectures, you pretty much qualify for a Ph.D. Not sure if it's true or not, though.
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    Do you know calculus or not?
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    i know calculus .
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