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Physics book

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    I am trying get started in physics and i want to get a physics book with $only basic calculus$.
    do anyone suggest anything?
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    I suggest "I.E.Irodov Problems in General Physics". Some of the problems do require calculus (Especially electrostatics n gravitation) but the book is really helpful for Newtons laws and kinematics. If you are looking for a theory book you might as well try "Halliday Resnick Fundamentals of Physics". Other good books are Feynmann's lectures.
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    Halliday Resnick is a nice choice but calculus is used in a non-extensive form. Besides you migth want to check the Schaum series books.
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    Andy Resnick

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    Jearl Walker's "Flying Circus of Physics" is a very fun book to work through, and requires very little calculus.
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    Feynman's lectures on Physics. He develops 'only basic calculus' in his lecture on motion:

    I 8-3 Speed as a derivative
    I 8-4 Distance as an integral
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