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Physics Brain Teezers/Odd Questions

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    I've always had odd questions about random things and how the world works. Those, you can answer sometimes by going to class, but once you start throwing ideas around in odd situations, teachers start going "I would look it up".

    So, here are some odd questions to start off the thread (post your own! include physics/science things and a TL;DR to recap/make it easy)

    1. If you suddenly had a block of air (the size of a box, a person) disappear (could simply be transported so as to not break laws of physics), would it make a CRACK sound, like a whip, or simply a rush of air? As I've heard it explained, the ends of a whip move so fast that it goes super-sonic, and the air replacing the space behind the whip (because it goes faster than the air can replace the space) makes the CRACK sound.

    TL;DR Would sudden sections of empty air = big noises? (think whips, IF that actually applies)

    2. If you had VASTLY increased gravity, would that yield a lot of compressed materials (I am thinking in the realm of 10-100 G's)? Would the oceans be denser due to increased gravity? If you were running around somehow under 1 G (or you were just Goku or a super human), would the water seem strange? It would fall faster, but wouldn't the water pressure be at insane levels (to us 1 G humans) even at 'sea level'? How would this apply to metals, or simply rocks? Because I am thinking that it COULD, but it also occurs to me that it could do absolutely nothing.

    TL;DR On planets of higher gravity, would natural materials be more compressed?

    I'll try to think of some more ideas, but you guys probably have more interesting (and original) ideas that you may have been tossing around your head.
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