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Physics BSc into Engineering

  1. Jun 24, 2009 #1

    I am 21 and I am currently a senior undergrad writing my thesis statement in Physics. I have pondered for quite some time what I want to do after I graduate and I have finally decided to go into Civil Engineering/Water Resource Engineering. Since its nearly impossible to do a Master's in Engineering after Physics BSc I have decided to apply fresh from the start as an undergrad.

    So here my question pops up: If and when I get my diploma in Civil/Water Resource engineering and I start looking for work in these fields, would my BSc diploma in Physics help even a bit? If this is the case, which of those two Engineering fields deal more with Physics? My bet would be Water Resource engineering.

    I've heard that Water Resource Engineers get to travel a lot in many developing countries and work on dams, channels, etc, but then I believe that the job market is not as big as it is with Civil (Structural) Engineering. I still haven't decided which of those majors i want to pursue and I have about a month time to decide. I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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