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Physics can make you brain dead?

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    I not sure if this has happened to any of you guys but I always slightly "special" after finsihing an hard midterm I have been studying all week (9-13 hour days). Now thats is over I feel great, althought I feel completely retarted.

    Does this happen to any of guys, after taking a course in advanced physics, chemistry, math, your brain just stops. Got any goofy stories to tell.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Last year, I got in a wreck on the way to a C++ final. I was trying to study and drive. What an idiot! I drove right into the truck in front of me (which wasn't moving). I still have a big dent on my front bumper as a souvenir from that exam. :grumpy:
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    lol, i might be needing a date again, because your having a dent in your front bumper brought up all sorts of visions.
    there have been a couple of tests left me a wreck until after I learned the results, but most of those ones involved urine or blood or breath.
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    I don't put that much effort into stuff. Whenever my brain hurts, I go to sleep.
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