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    Peace guys,
    I'm seriously thinking of going for physics graduate studies but I'm a bit reluctant (in fact, very) on making that decision. I mean how good is it taking a doctorate in physics? Let's suppose I have a doctorate in physics then what employment oppurtunities am I valid for? How is the physicist average income? I'd highly appreciate your help!!!
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    Thanks but that's a long thread and I'm not really in a mood to go through it all. Anyways, how about nuclear physics? Particle physics? Cosmology? Any

    BTW, I have the exact same problem: my parents want to persuade me of becoming a medical doctor because it's more future-proof as they say. They say that in physics you either have to be a super genius to excel, orelse you'll stay at the bottom of the barrel. While on the other hane, becoming a medical doctor has a guaranteed future money-wise, and has a usually better outlook.

    It's really unfair that physicists are overshadowed this way.
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    Its 3 pages, and everything you wanted to know should be there. You don't have the time to read something we've already coverred, but you expect us to have the full time and leisure to go through it again? 3 pages is too much to read?

    If you have trouble reading three pages, good luck getting through anything resembling a university.
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    Nice going, franznietzsche! :-)
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    Then maybe I shouldn't recommend reading my Journal entries, since my series on "Employment in Physics" is now up to Part 4 and you have to wade through a few pages to find all of them. :)

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    To a extent i agree with that. Physicists should get more credit for what they do :wink:
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