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Physics Christmas gifts

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    My cousin, like me, is interested in physics. She, also like me, aspires to become a physicist. For Christmas she wanted a telescope, unfortunately, the one she wanted was $2000, and her mother was not willing to buy her something so expensive as they had just recently returned from a very expensive vacation. Anyway, her mother has come to me asking what she should get her daughter. I have already recommended a copy of the Feynman Lectures but other than that I couldn't think of anything else. What would you give someone like me or my cousin?
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    (how old is she?)

    i don't buy this

    if she asked for a telescope, she isn't interested in physics, she's interested in looking at the stars (etc)

    i can't see anything non-star-related satisfying her

    i say, buy her a really cheap telescope and a really good camera that she can attach, and encourage her to take up photography! :smile:
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    I'm interested in looking at stars, and I'm interested in physics. You can be interested in both.

    Or maybe she's a genius and she likes to personally calculate different characteristics about the orbits of planets.
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    I'm the same. I was drawn to physics because I wanted to be an astronomer as a kid, and while I'm now more interested in nuclear and particle physics, I still can't help but look up at night, take trips to observatories, etc.
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    OP either has more context than us and she is interested in physics, or OP is generalizing star-gazing as an interest in physics. Hard to tell from OP.

    I'm looking for something to get my 3 year old that's not a meaningless plastic toy. Could augment her duplo lego collection....
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    How about a TI-89?
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    She has one
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    if she asked for a telescope, she isn't interested in physics, she's interested in looking at the stars (etc)

    My Grandmother's nephew wanted to be an astronomer when he was young, now he is a physicist...
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