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Physics Club

  1. Aug 21, 2009 #1
    I go to a state school with a small physics program we are in a little trouble due to low physics students enrollment. That is just a little back story I find myself in the position of the president of the physics club. Not a huge accomplishment there are only three of us. I was hoping a few people here might have some advice for activities or events we could do with community college/high school students to drum up some excitement for physics. Maybe interest them in joining us in a 4 year program ? . Maybe, just something we could do for fun?
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    Have someone speak about something (maybe invite some professor over for a talk).

    Do some problem sets.
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    Leverage your Club Adviser for some ideas. Most clubs have an adviser that is also a professor. They may have some ideas.

    Also are you registered with SPS? http://www.spsnational.org/ They would probably have some ideas or support documents.
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    Rockets, everyone loves rockets, or work with a school to build a home made radio telescope and do a scan or three? The local HAM club could possibly be interested too (and provide stuff).
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    open a physics study session/tutor => more club members.

    everybody needs help with physics ;)
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    The physics club at my school doesn't do much but sit around and eat sandwiches but sometimes they have events like catapult building. Basically, divide a bunch of people up into teams, give them some popsicle sticks, string, and glue to build a catapult with. The team that can launch an object the farthest wins a lame prize.
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    You may wish to check this existing thread:


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