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    I’m in the physics club at my college. We are looking for ideas for our “year project”. Last year we built a full size trebuchet. Our club is fairly small, 10-15 members. Any suggestions on what we can do this year?
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    What did I tell you!!????

    The first rule of Physics club is:

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    second rule of physics club.
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    ah...i love fight club...physics club too (we call ours E.G.O.P. - elite group of physicists). anyways, build a CO2 laser and cut through stuff.
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    I am a lowly high school physicts student
    but I am doing some research with a full size spectrometer at a local college... Western Mich... and we are taking the large old spectromer aprox 25 years old and designing and building circuits to automate the old manual process of the spectrometer. We are also writing the software to increase the accuracy of the spectrometer and allow it to all go to a computer. I will have more details as they come but it should be fun.

    I am also doing research at pfizer... world's largest drug company... and examing the electronic nature of the (sp) pyrmadine ring system in the compound of minoxidil (the active ingredient in rogain)

    I also am consdering doing a researh about measuring [tex] g [/tex] using a vacumed out tube...

    The point- there is a lot out there to do... If you are looking for something new to research look in your textbook or ask a prof if you are looking for something just fun to do try finding a contest to join and compete in such as builidng a man powered flying machine

    there is alot out there
    gl on your search
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    I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP

    Hi I am currently enrolled in PHY138Y1 and I need some major help in some homework questions.I'm a first year physics student and I have no idea what I'm doing. I attempted these questions, but I still dont comprehend what the question is asking for. There are some questions that I am having difficulty with. If you have any ways to help me figure it out that would be great!
    Thanking You In Advance,
    -Faiza Khan

    Q1. The position of a particle is when moving under uniform acceleration is somefunction of the elapsed time and the acceleration. Suppose we write this position as x=kamtn, where k is a dimensionless constant. Show by dimensional analysis that this expression is satisfied if m=1 and n=2.
    Can this analysis give the value of k?

    Q2. At the time of a book’s printing, the U.S. national debt is
    about $6 trillion.

    (a) If payments were made at the rate $1000 per second, how many years would it take to pay off the debt, assuming no interest were charged?

    (b) A dollar bill is about 15.5 cm long. If six trillion dollar bills were laid end to end around the earth’s equator, how many times would they encircle the earth? Take the radius of the earth at the equator to be 6 378 km.

    Q3. A pirate had buried his treasure on an island with five trees, located at the following points: (30 m, -20 m), (6 m, 8 m), (-10 m, -10m), (40 m, -30m), and (-70 m, 60m), all measured relative to some origin. His ship’s log instructs you to start at tree A and move toward tree B, but to cover only one half the distance between A and B. Then move toward tree C, covering one-third the distance between your current location and C. Next move toward D, covering one-fourth the distance between where you are and D. Finally move toward E, covering one-fifth the distance between you and E, stop and dig.

    (a) Assume you have correctly determined the order in which the pirate labeled the trees as A, B, C, D, and E, as shown in the figure. What are the coordinates of the point where his treasure is buried?

    (b) Now rearrange the order of the trees [e.g., B (30 m, -20 m), A (60 m, 80 m), E (-10 m, -10 m), C (40 m, -30 m) and D (-70 m, 60 m)], and repeat the calculations to show that the answer does not depend on the order in which the trees are labeled.

    Q4. An automobile tire is rated to last for 50 000 miles. To an order of magnitude, through how many revolutions will it turn? In your solution, state the quantities you measure or estimate and the values you take for them.
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    First of all Welcome to PF Faiza,
    2 things

    1) this post would go in the HW Help section prob in K-12 section
    2) Although many of us would love to help you that doesn't mean we will do your homework for you. In order to receive help you should show some sort of attempt at a problem... especially when posting so many problems
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    Faiza, two things :

    1. Start a new thread, in the Homework Help section; do not add your post to an existing thread and disrupt it.

    2. We will NOT do your homework for you. If you show us what you've done and where you are stuck, we'll clear your doubts or provide some hints. No one will help with your homework unless YOU SHOW WHAT YOU'VE TRIED or what ideas you have.

    PS : Damn, I don't believe the coincidence !! Tom's gotten in with the exact same thoughts and words in my head.
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    Q2: You have a total 6 trillion dollars
    and a rate/second of pay off
    try to multiply these together in a way to cancel out dollars into seconds then from seconds into whatever time you want
    for example

    x oranges * y apples/z oranges the oranges would cancel out to give you apples
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    I will be more willing to help when you DO show us your attempts
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    I now return this thread to its original purpose : Physics Club Project Ideas
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