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Physics Club

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    I am president of the Physics Club at my college in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am looking for physicists or other people who do interesting work involving physics somehow to come present lectures at our club meetings.

    Can anyone suggest people/a person in the bay area who would be worth contacting to see if they would come give us a talk?

    It could be anyone, in any industry or in academia, doing research or just teaching, etc...


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    Here's a hint. No one should care about your club except your peers. You should invite the professors from your own department as speakers. Other than that, maybe all of you as members of the club could read up on an article and present it in front of everyone else.
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    Man I'm trying to expose the members, and anyone who wants to come to our meetings, to stuff on the frontier and in the real world. We will host our own professors, that's true, but we like reaching out to people we don't have access to on campus
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    The thing that I don't quite understand here is, have you ever talked to your own faculty members (especially your physics club advisor) for their own suggestions on who you should contact? Have you done this?

    The bay area is populated with a huge number of physicists that could be available to you, ranging from UC Berkeley, to Berkeley Lab, to UC Davis, etc. One would think that you could even contact these people directly and extend an invitation. Still, I can't believe that your club advisor would not have any sort of guidance on doing such a thing.

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