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Homework Help: Physics Communication Questions

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    11. What is the formula that relates the fundamental frequency of a wave in a string to harmonic?

    12. What two factors determine the velocity of a wave in a string? Which one of these quantities is varied between the strings of a guitar to give different notes?

    If anyone has a answer to these questions, would you soo kindly help. Thanks
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    The question is asking at what frequencies standing waves in a string occur.
    So if you know your fundamental frequency, let's say it's f, then harmonics occur at nf where n = 0,1,2... (is an integer).
    So, 1st harmonic is just your fundamental frequency f.
    2nd harmonic (also called first overtone) is 2f.
    3rd harmonic (second overtone) is 3f.
    So on..


    velocity of a wave in a string is determined by the tension in the string and mass per unit length of the string.

    v = \sqrt{ \frac{T}{m/L} } [/tex]
    where T is the tension, m and L are the mass and length of the string.

    In a guitar, I believe each string has a different width, so mass / unit length is varied.

    You could have probably found answers to these questions in you textbook.
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    Thanks alot, i really appreciate it
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