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Physics comprehension?

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    Well, I hope this topic goes here.

    When will I start to learn a lot of real physics? My high school class wasn't too advanced. We have no AP physics. (But I read the book :biggrin:) I always try to read stuff here on physics, but it never seems to click in my head. It's like I'm missing large chunks of physics...

    I love physics. I'm taking it in college. (going into engineering, so duh) But when did it start to make sense to a majority of you? The higher stuff- not kinematics and electrodynamic and thermodynamics.
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    I suppose it can be used as a supplement. I never actually took any formal physics courses, so I can't fully answer your question.
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    It started making sense to me when I started really understanding Math. Once you get used to reading poorly worded Math questions from books like Stewart you will understand Physics problems better.
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    So, like, Calc 2.
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    When you said you read the book, did you just read it or did you do the problems?

    That's what makes it click for me, solving problems.
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    A bit of both, but mainly reading.
    Good point. :tongue:
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