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Physics Concepts

  1. Jun 8, 2009 #1
    1. I'm having a final this week and I wanted to review some of the physics concepts, but I don't understand what the book is saying so I'm wondering if anyone can give me a site that is easy and understandable for me. (or you can write it down here) I mostly need to know the concepts on light refraction, mirrors, lens, and circuits because I don't understand them the most. (but if you can also write down the concepts for other topics it would be much appreciated. :]

    Thank YOU in advance!!
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    Hi whitehorsey! :smile:

    How about:
    Geometric Optics
    Author: Dr. J. B. Tatum
    Contents: Reflection and Refraction; Lens and Mirror Calculations; Optical Instruments.

    or any other free online book at http://freescience.info/Physics.php?id=110 :wink:
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