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Physics contest- question 3

  1. May 25, 2003 #1
    physics contest-- question 3

    a) Complete the drawing below to show where the image of the object formed by the lens is

    b) Use the drawing you have cpmplected, prove that 1/s + 1/s' = 1/f/
    Here s is the distance bewteen the object and the lens, s' is the distance between the image and the lens, and f is the distance bwteen either of the focal points F and the lens.

    c) Prove that the image magnification is M = s'/s

    Part a, c : no problem

    How do you do part b ?

    Here's my answer.
    After completing part a, my measuring the picture i drew, I got
    s=5.9 cm
    s'=6.1 cm
    f =3 cm

    1/s + 1/s' = 0.333
    1/f = 0.333
    QED (At least I can amuse the markers :wink: )

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