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Courses Physics: course failure = the end?

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    I am an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, specializing in physics. Having just completed my third year, I have failed two courses in the 2nd term this year. Furthermore, my performance in the first term was far from impressive. Although I have some prior "research" experience (programming mostly), I have not been able to make inroads with my professors for summer research opportunities this time.

    Hence I am questioning the wisdom of staying in my current program and continuing to pursue a career in theoretical physics. I have no difficulty in understanding the material - instead this mess is wholly attributed to my lack of mental discipline. However, I am absolutely certain that this problem has been overcome now.

    Of course, my main concern now is the possibility of being accepted into grad school. Is it really feasible for me to continue my studies in physics, or is it "game over"?
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    Contrary to appearances, the word "search" is not alien to me. The first few results were irrelevant, I swear!

    Apologies for creating yet another one of these threads. Mods, please delete it.
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