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Physics Course Help!

  1. May 30, 2004 #1
    Physics Course Help!

    Note: If you don’t like reading, skip down to the bold part.

    Please bear with me here --- any help is greatly appreciated. I am a high school who will be attending Cornell University next fall and will be majoring in physics. My junior year of high school I took AP Physics B (5), the physics SAT II (800), and AP Calculus BC (5). As you can see, my physics and mathematics foundations are solid, however, this is where things get a little hazy. Last summer between my junior and senior year I took the intro calc-based mechanics course at Cornell --- the one for engineers and non-majors. I did fine it the class but it was crammed into a 6-week session and it was just a non-calc review. This last year I “taught” myself the calc based E&M part so I could take the Physics C: E&M exam. However I didn’t really teach myself well at all as I had 6 other AP’s. I took one practice exam and got a 5 on it --- enough to get credit at Cornell ---- but it was because of my solid background in non-calc physics not actual calc-based physics. So here is my dilemma: as with every major university, Cornell has an honors sequence for physics majors (classes I did NOT take). I feel that my calc-based foundation in physics is shaky so I want to take the placement examination when I get there. As with every major university, Cornell uses Kleppner and Kolenkow for honors mechanics and Purcell for honors E&M; I have both of these textbooks. Here is my problem. I’m using MIT’s OpenCourseWare as a guide to what problems I need to do out of these textbooks but I don’t know how I can check the answers! Is there a solution’s manual out there?

    I just realized that the majority of this post is pointless and should be directed to the Cornell physics department. My brain is still down at the beach drinking Newcastle 24/7! :smile:
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