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Homework Help: Physics coursework alevels

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    im sorta new to this internet stuff, my fam only bought the computer yday, but i did to an ict gcse at school so im not entirely not "in with it"! but i needed some help. ive done everything perfect so far withthe experiment and the recording results but im on the evaluation part,

    my coursework is to do with measuring the internal resistnce of a cell. im doing that by finding outthe voltage and the current and then plotting them on a graph and finding out the gradient which is the internal resistance.

    ive done all that but now the specifications asking me about any limitations... all i can think of is that we could only use one digital multimetre and the precision on both analogue and digital availabe were quite low...
    whatelse could i write though?
    any ideas?

    please help im so confused and im determined to do well.. i wish they gave us some sort of push in the right direction but my teachers are v. unapproachable its scary to think about what id get if i didnt have people that could give me a few pointers... please do it'll be very much appreciated :blushing:

    love to all, mia X
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    The lack of precision of the meters is a good observation. You coud do something to quantify the possible error in your measured resistance in terms of the known, or assumed, uncertainty in your voltage and current readings. If you think you need to go beyind that, what do you know about the behavior of any resistor as the current changes? Is R really constant? How does that behavior enter into your analysis?
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