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Homework Help: Physics Cwk - Pendulum

  1. Feb 19, 2008 #1
    HELP! URGENT! Physics Cwk - Pendulum

    Physics Coursework - UK, England, Gaydon - Land Rover Car Manufacturer - How Physics is implemented? - Safety Test - Pendulum

    Basically, I'm kind of stumped on how pendulums are used in testing for safety. What sort of calculations/equations would I need to use? Why is this particular test done/purpose? What makes it a good technique? Limitations? Suggestions for another way to test a car, instead of using a pendulum? Does test have applications elsewhere, in other industries?

    I also have to talk about velocities the pendulum will simulate at different degrees e.g max height, min height, 90 degrees.

    ANY help will be appreciated, thank you!
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    Please? :confused:
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    From what I can find on the web, pendulums are used for testing floor slipperiness and for impact tests. A pendulum is just a simple way to get an object to move with a known speed.
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    Can you elaborate? I'm really not getting this :redface:
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    Anybody please? Feel free to help, my deadline is tomorrow :(
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