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Physics Down Under

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    Physics "Down Under"

    I'm considering Australia for university, and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for universities, primarily in Sydney, secondarily in Brisbane/Melbourne, tertiary in Perth. How are the requirements? Currently I'm a IB International Baccalaureate student, so trying to trick somebody into believing Norwegian grades are any good won't be a problem.
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    Hmmm - I live in Melbourne. I don't know much about international admissions but you can try going to the university website - I am sure they will have information there.

    Since, I am in Melbourne, I can only name you the good universities in Melbourne which is Melbourne University and Monash Universisty.
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    Uni of New Wales anf Uni of Sydney are the main ones. They are both strong in physics, but since i attend unsw, i will give it my vote. it is very strong in astrophysics.
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    University of Western Australia is one of the best for Astrophysics and Theoretical physics, and i a member of the Australian Group of 8.
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