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Physics edu-novel Fizz

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    Physics edu-novel "Fizz"

    The American Association of Physics Teachers July newsletter mentioned an interesting new book named Fizz which (in the style of Sophie's World) tells the history of physics from Aristotle to Hawking in the format of a fictional novel about a girl who time travels to meet Galileo, Newton and Einstein and discuss the universe with them. (Site: http://www.fizz-book.com" [Broken]/) Could be an interesting alternative way to motivate physics students to learn about the history and fundamentals of physics.

    Has anyone tried it in their classroom?
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    Re: Physics edu-novel "Fizz"

    Your link above does go to the books site, which offers a "few chapters"in various formats (Google Books, Kindle, maybe Nook?) Actually sees like more than a "few" in Google books... up to page 314 of 502 -- although there's some chunks missing as I look towards the end?

    It might be fun looking at, but I'm not up for reading the sample on the computer at the time at this stage in life (with a busy toddler usually at my side wanting to read her books or play outside), especially at the computer (since she doesn't even let me do my job there without banging at the "spare" compute right next to me).

    I presently teach college introductory classes anyways... and they're past the stage this is geared towards; it seems more geared towards middle-school. Maybe I can see if I can get a copy and then pass it on to my son's middle school science teacher after we've read it (I'll claim I'm asking him to do so to "review it" also). Then maybe I can report back something interesting.
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    Re: Physics edu-novel "Fizz"

    Yeah the free online version is not the entire book - I guess you have to pay for the entire paperback or e-book.

    I don't think its targeting middle school though - despite the fun story line the physics is pretty serious - I am thinking more like high school or maybe even intro to college science.

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