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Physics education in USA and UK

  1. Oct 22, 2009 #1
    Hello,i need some info about Physics college education in USA an UK.
    In my country there are 2 different Physics directions (colleges), one is educational Physics and the other is scientific Physics. The first one educates Physics professors (primary and high school) and the other one educates scientists. I am a student at educational Physics, but I would like to do a phd afterwards (possibly USA or UK). If i would do that in my country i would first have to take some exams from the scientific direction to be as equal as those students. So, I would like to know do you have those differences in Physics education?
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    I haven't heard of educational physics in the UK.

    Normally in the UK you would do a regular physics degree and then to teach in schools you would do an additional one year post graduate teaching course.
    To teach in a university (or a private school) there are no fixed requirements but a PhD is pretty much a requirement for a university lecturer.

    Note that in the UK/USA professor means something different, in the UK it is the senior staff or head of a university department, in the USA it is generally any permanent university staff - anybody who teaches in a school is just called a teacher.
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