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Homework Help: Physics Egg Drop Lab- HELP!

  1. Sep 26, 2006 #1
    I this lab project due tomorrow in physics. I was wondering if anyone has done this lab:
    I have to construct an apparatus out of only paper and masking tape that holds an egg, and then it will be dropped off the bleachers. I need to make it so the egg doesnt break].
    Does anyone have any ideas for me? Or does anyone know how or what I should use at the actual egg.
    So far I have a triangular prism and I was going to put the egg in the middle, but I don't know if I should just make a little cup out of paper, or how to hold the egg. Thanks.
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    If i were you, id make a cube out of paper and tape the egg on the inside so that its stationnary in the center of the cube
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    Two eggs
    Long sleeved top

    Construct a device with two compartments. One containing the egg that will eventually break, the other empty and deep enough for you to reach into without having your wrists showing. With your wrist well concealed, slide the egg you have hidden up your sleeve into your palm and lift it truimphantly out of your device. Flash your winning smile and acknowledge the rest of the class as they inevitably begin to chant your name.
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