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Physics/Engineering and Work Environment/Group Dynamics

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    For those of you that are already employed in a physics and/or an engineering position...what are your impressions of (1) your work environment AND (2) the group dynamics at your job?

    For (1) work environment: Do you have a quiet place to work that is free from distractions? Are you forced to work in a cube with 20 people crowded into a room with 20 phones all making noise at once? Do you work with loud machinery? What is the noise and people factor? What is the noise level on a scale of 1 - 10, where 1 is a quiet, sound proof room and 10 is a factory floor?

    For (2) group dynamics: How often must you converse with your co-workers? How often do you have meetings and do you feel as though those meetings are productive? Must you work side-by-side with your group mates on a project? Do you all work in the same space and stay underfoot? Are you constantly interacting? What percentage of your work day are you working on something completely alone with no interruptions?
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