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Physics/Engineering help

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    Physics/Engineering help!!

    Hey everyone, i had a few question regrading my best choice in undergrad/grad progression. In short, i have 2 choices, a physics B.S and an energy studies certification(do these even count for much when it really comes down to it?) , 4.5 yrs (some time lost due to late enrollment in physics) or a dual degree phys/engineering 6 years. My future goals are quite broad... either work in renewable energy/aerospace engineering/ general ME. I would love to get the dual degree but the only thing that worries me is the time taken... and im not even worried because of time constraints, but money constraints. Im struggling to pay to get through school as it is, but 2 more years would really burn a hole in my pocket. I understand that i can get loans and pay it all off later, but id feel much more comfortable spending the LEAST amount of money possible.

    My main question is this... would it make more sense to get the physics B.S then pay less money to get a M.E or Aero masters? or hopefully get a job and have them pay for it (what are the odds of that?)

    also, if i wanted to pursue a career in the above fields, how weakened(assuming they are weakened) would my chances of getting involved in those fields be with a physics B.S + energy cert and then getting a masters, as opposed to having the physics B.S + ME B.S.

    thanks a bunch.
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