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Physics Physics -> Finance postdoc ?

  1. Aug 9, 2010 #1
    (In case you don't know me, I just finished a physics phd)

    Based on my current job hunt, it appears that physicists are no longer highly sought after on Wall st. Physicists can get quant jobs, but the positions are highly competitive.

    To make myself a more competitive candidate, I'm considering doing a postdoc in finance. This would also help me gain experience, get my hands dirty using SQL and other finance software, and hopefully develop some nice connections. The problem is, as far as I know, postdoc positions in finance do not officially exist.

    I plan on sending emails to professors in business and finance indicating that I'm looking for a position as a research assistant. Here's a skeleton of what I plan on writing

    1) I am applying for a position as a research assistant

    2) Introduce myself and background.

    3) I have an interest pursuing a career in finance

    4) A little bragging about me, and how I can contribute to their research.

    5) Demonstrate that I have read their research and find it interesting (this is a lot of work. Is there anyway to be seriously considered without doing this?)

    other questions. Do finance and business professors have funding for research assistants?

    Any one have any comments or advice?
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    Quants are not being hired. People are being hired in large numbers for other things,.

    Also the jobs aren't *that* competitive.

    Question: How many resumes did you send out? If it's anything less than fifty, then you have a problem.

    Bad idea.

    1) More than likely the problem is marketing and resume, and you can fix that more easily than getting a postdoc.

    2) Now suppose there really *aren't* jobs on Wall Street anymore. What's the point in making yourself more competitive for jobs that don't exist?

    I don't think that you will have much success. Research assistants are reserved for Ph.D. candidates, and post-docs in finance don't exist. Pretty much any finance Ph.D. will get a job offer for a tenure-track position. The reason this is possible is that it's really hard to get into a finance Ph.D. program.

    Also I don't see the point, you'll make more money and get more relevant experience selling used cars.

    The funding for b-schools is very different than for physics.
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