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Physics Forum software

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    What code is Physics Forums based on? Is this phpBB?

    But most fascinating is using LaTeX in the posts. It's brilliant. Is that a "plugin" for phpBB? Or was it developed by the people who run Physics Forum?
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    Physics Forums uses vBulletin. LaTeX was implemented separately, I believe by chroot, one of the admins here.
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    If you want to see if there is a LaTeX plugin for phpBB, I suggest that you check their modification database.

    There are a couple of LaTeX generators out there that render images that can be posted on message boards such as http://rogercortesi.com/eqn/index.php

    I just found out that there is actually one LaTeX modification for vBulletin http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=91545, but I cannot say if that is the one that physicsforums is using.
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    The whole site is very impressive. Looks good, but still is *very* functional. Whichever group of people implemented it are very talented.
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    I put the LaTeX rendering into the site a long time ago, through some custom additions to the vBulletin source. Since, I've changed it into a "plug-in," so at least it won't be obliterated each time we do an upgrade. A number of other people have also implemented plug-ins that achieve similar functionality, but none of them existed when I first introduced the feature on physicsforums. :biggrin:

    In truth, it still needs a little work, but it's mostly functional and I have very little time these days to hack on it. Thanks for the kind words, though. :smile:

    - Warren
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