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Physics forum, what would you Analise here? (structural)

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    I want to Analise a tank Ive designed. It is designed to hold water. Isometric drawings are attached showing the general assembly of the tank, a single section of the tank and a 2section assembly with support bracket.

    Dimensions of tank:
    9.76m long
    1.22 wide
    1.22 high

    Holding 12000 liters of water.

    The tank is designed to be disassembled so it is made up of 8 individual sections.
    The sections are bolted together.
    As this would cause weakness in the tank I designed a support to go across the width of the tank to prevent the water from bursting the tank open (as seen in 'tank2sectionsupport')

    I want to ensure that the bolt sizes and steel Ive selected are strong enough and will not buckle or brake. I also want to calculate how many support sections are required along the length of the tank (eg. 1 every 2 sections or if 1 support in the middle of the tank will suffice)

    What should be analised here to ensure the tanks strength and what type of analysis?
    am I just dealing with shear strain in all aspects of the tank?

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