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    Physics Forums World Community Grid team

    Some people have messaged me concerning the link that used to be in my signature. Ussually because they couldn't figure out what the heck it was. I have created a new website to help out in this regard. It introduces you to the project and explains how to set it up on your computer.

    Put the time you are away from your computer to go make breakfast this morning to good use! You can set the program up so that it only runs when you are away from your computer if you wish.

    To learn more about what I am talking about, visit this link:


    I don't make any money if you view my webpage or sign up for the project or anything. So please, check it out. :smile: Everything is completely free.

    I just published the website and haven't had much time to check for broken links or typos/spelling errors. Hopefully I kept them to a minimum but please excuse me if I did not.

    If you have critisism for the project please feel free to voice it. :) I think it is a really good idea myself.
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