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  1. Jun 11, 2008 #1
    Meanwhile, seeing the impressive upgrade of PF, would it be too audacious to inquire casually, if there is any chance to have the PF chess subforum restored? (no pressure by all means).
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    Greg had announced that before the upgrade we might lose the chess forum. Apparently it's not supported in the new software. Sorry. :frown:
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    I know you really enjoyed it Andre, if the addon is ever ported to the new version I will install it. :cry:
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  5. Jun 11, 2008 #4
    my supremacy over chess-land came to an abrupt end =(
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    I only got to play one game with some guy who thought we were playing draughts :(
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    Did you lose?
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    Re: PF-Chess?

    Bringing this back from the dead because the chess app should work again. Anyone game?
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    Re: PF-Chess?

    That's cool! I'm still not very into chess, but I know how much other people enjoyed having it. I also enjoyed peeking into the games sometimes and watching players banter back and forth.
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    Re: PF-Chess?

    Nice Greg, and thanks for bringing back the birthdays!
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    Re: PF-Chess?

    I used to be an addicted player before University. I still watch games almost everyday though and I die to play!
    So if I have some free time I'd be interested in it.
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    Re: PF-Chess?

    I always lost, and got yelled at for making wrong and illegal moves, lol. I may suck at Chess, but I think it's fun to play!
  14. Nov 7, 2009 #13
    Re: PF-Chess?

    great, thanks Greg. Will there be a subforum again?
  15. Nov 7, 2009 #14
    Re: PF-Chess?

    yes it would be in a forum
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    Re: PF-Chess?

    I'd like to play chess! why not be the first to play against you Andre since you seem like a chess expert :cool:

    [don't expect much though, I'm just a biggener :tongue:]
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  18. Nov 7, 2009 #17
    Re: PF-Chess?

    Thanks again Greg, very nice.

    :uhh: Ps could you please have another look at the coordinates and the color of the pieces, thanks

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  19. Nov 7, 2009 #18
    Re: PF-Chess?

    ok, I think I fixed it

    the sandman
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