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    When we discuss some topic here with other posters, you have limited information about them. You often don't know their real name, their age etc. etc. According to the MWI, this then means that the other people you are talking to exist as a superposition of all possible real persons.

    E.g., there exist worlds in which I have a beard and there are worlds in which I don't have a beard. Everyone at PF except me has an exact copy in both worlds.
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    No, no...
    The decoherence leaks (this is not studied yet) but it is obious.

    Say, there is an event: based on some QM event my detectorsignals (or not) but LED light. If the detector is inside the box, then I dont see light and I am not decoherenced with the event. However, the light starts to heat the box from the inside, and it emits more and ore infrared photons, so I begin to decohere with the even (in seconds or minutes)?

    After that decoherence leaks outside, fro one object to another, as objects exchange the photons.

    Still, I can not answer a question, how long does it take for the decoherence to spread from the US to Europe if you dont 'help' it (by making calls etc). So I dont know if you have a beard, but I had been decoherenced with you a long time ago.
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    But if you enter in an entangled state of the form:

    A |Dmitry67_1; Iblis has a beard> +

    B |Dmitry67_2; Iblis does not have a beard>

    Then you should still be able to factor out of

    |Dmitry67_1> and |Dmitry67_2> a common state that describes only those things that you are aware of and that is then what you really are. Otherwise, you could already "sense" whether or not I have a beard before even performing a measurement.

    So, we should have that:

    |Dmitry67_1> =

    |everything Dmitry67 is aware of> |additional information_1 >

    |Dmitry67_2> =

    |everything Dmitry67 is aware of>|additional information_2>


    |everything Dmitry67 is aware of>

    should correspond to the information stored in the brain which depends on how the neurons are connected together, but not on the exact quantum states of the neurons. That information is contaned in
    |additional information_1 > and |additional information_2 > and these differs in both sectors.
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