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Physics Forums infiltrated?

  1. Feb 24, 2004 #1
    Do U. S. Intelligence agencies (or other international spy entities) have any interest in monitoring Physics Forums? Subversive elements such as terrorists in search of classified material might seek to exploit our discussion group. (I recall early on in PF that a Middle Eastern person sought information on bomb making, and was quickly rebuffed.)
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    Maybe we should identify the terrorists and give them false information? We could prove that the world is flat or something and that in order to blow up the US (which is on the other plane of our little flat world) they have to blow themselves up. Because we're right "below" them.

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    Trust me, this forum is being monitored. I'd be willing to bet that the " Middle Eastern person" was an FBI agent testing the members here.
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    Does it really matter what people say here? How bombs work is fairly common knowledge. My grade 12 physics teacher (B.Sc. in physics) told the class how to make a fusion bomb.

    Chemical bombs are also common knowledge, the only problem is actually obtaining the substances. For example, ammonium perchlorate is a very strong oxidizer and it's a very powerful explosive when mixed with certain organic material. Finding (or making) perchlorate is the challenge.

    Another thing, how do you know it was a middle eastern person? Most people around here don't even fill out where they are from (some people have things like "Mars" listed as their location). If the guy is a terrorist not wanting to be found, he's not going to list his location as something like "Iran".
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    yes they are watching. Echelon is out there.

    well.. monitoring probably not. however they say once something is on the web it can't ever be deleted.
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    Exactly, that is why I thought they may be FBI agents. But then again, most terrorists are less than brilliant strategists.

    Knowing the general idea is simple, but the details, such as knowing how to configure the triggers so that the core impoldes on itself correctly is not common knowledge.
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    Pardon. I should have stated "'Middle Eastern' person." His "location" was listed as one such "country."
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    Can they actually prosecute you for linking, copying, or paraphrasing data that is publically available in other places?
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    Or if they are really dumb, tell them to throw the pin instead of the grenade... better aerodynamics.
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    Some of you guys are a bit paranoid
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    Maybe the CIA? I think they are the ones that deal with the dangerous terrorists.

    Why in the world would a terrorists come to a public forum and ask for help in making bombs? It might be more subtle if he read some books at the library.

    So, I guess racial profiling says that Middle Easterns studying Physics are automatically terrorists.
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    i am sure it is highly possible, but not as likely as a phone call or instant message due to the privacy...up near yakima washington (basically out in the middle of nowhere) you can see a HUGE building in the middle of the treeless terrain where all kinds of phone conversations and computer messages are monitored...
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    There was a link in one of the threads, discussing nuclear bombs, that seemed to give fairly accurate information on just how to construct it, but the safety equipment that you would need to ensure that you didn't die of radiation poisoning, while you constructed it, isn't even mentioned....followed by the forewarnings, that were there, concerning plutonium, uranium, neutrons, etc. well, thinking that you physics teacher has told you enough information that you could actually construct a working bomb, without LOTS of further research, you will probably hurt yourself, possibly others too, before you get close to anything that might fizzle, never mind explode...

    ...and NO! this is NOT a challenge to prove me wrong...
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    Something compels me to add in the phrase "You can't trust the matrix" to supplement above statement.
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    Infiltrators can be here for many reasons and purposes such as information control. Such was Rat’s job in the movie Core. We would all start missing posts and wonder what was going on in that case, so no, they don’t do that. If you can’t get rid of information, the next best thing is to “muddy the waters”. Insert miss-, or dis-information, in the threads, drive the threads down and off the boards if possible. There are many tactics used in information control. IMHO I have seen such tactics used in these forums and on many sites. I may be a new poster here, but have been doing one hell of a lot of reading. Granted I can understand some NSA or DOD types being very sensitive about what may be talked about when it comes to some topics. Several of those topics you would be very surprised at to tell you the truth. But that is what it is all about. TRUTH and DISCLOSURE. ,,, and its not only us,,, if our technology is reverse engineered, whom else do you suppose is here in these forums?
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    Not that I am with any secret agencies or anything but I really think that post above should be deleted...they are just to close Imean thier spelling is atrocious, or well anything , just get it off, will ya...

    Agent "X" (-001)....MRP might be back later, if he can get out of the ropes, cuffs, and cell....
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    My understanding is that when agent are jubilated into retirement, they entertain themselves by practising around the net. Sort of conbining entertaining and "service".
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    If the people running democratic governemtns have any Brains at all, (they DO I assure you) then you can be quite certain just about everything is being watched, sooner, or later....even if only by 'Bots' then people, thereafter, based upon words...insert your "Bot attractor words" Well, somewheres else please....Thanks! in advance!
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    Are libraries really any safer than Physics Forums?
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