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    is it possible to use the TeX Editor external? A link which leads to the TeX Editor?


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    I'm not affiliated with the forum itself, just a member, but I'm pretty sure the latex rendering occurs on the server. Even if it were possible I don't think they would like you using up their processor(s) rendering latex for some external purpose. You can copy the image they render and paste it into another program or website but double check the legality of this.

    Note at the bottom of this page where it says "Powered by vBulletin". I suggest you go to the vBulletin site to see how the software carries out latex rendering. You might also want to google 'blogs' and 'forums' along with 'software' and 'latex' or 'math'.

    I do know that there are open source blog and forum programs out there which are supposed to have latex rendering plug-ins. http://wordpress.org" [Broken] is one.
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    If you're just looking to generate some images with nice TeX-like output, consider this little webpage I just found:
    http://www.codecogs.com/components/equationeditor/equationeditor.php [Broken]

    If you're looking for something inline for, say, Word, or WordPerfect, or Pages, take a look at this Wikipedia page for formula editors (the "Gold Standard" has always been the proprietary MathType by Design Sciences, but there are probably decent free ones):

    If you're looking to lay out entire documents in LaTeX (like the pros?), consider getting LaTeX (coincidentally, there's another thread in the Computer Science forum asking how to get LaTeX--second post is the relevant one):
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