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    How do you become a sci advisor, mentor ect on PF? I didn't know how to find out so I posted this here.
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    The mentors choose new science advisors after private discussions, based on observing their knowledge and behavior in the forum. The mentors choose new mentors similarly, generally from among the SAs. At least I can't remember any new mentors who were not previously SAs.
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    Yoh. How do you get an emeritus and a thanks label?
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    You get a thanks label by thanking all my posts.
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    but seriously...
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    You get a thanks title when a lot of people click on "thanks" below your posts. I'm not sure what the exact number is though.

    You get a "PF PATRON" (btw, what a horrible name that is!) if you donate to PF, that is, if you buy gold membership.
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    Admin - self explanatory
    Mentor - acts as an admin for a particular subsection of the forum; chosen for expertise in the field covered by the subsection
    Emeritus - used to be a staff member(Mentor or Admin)
    Science Advisor - has shown to know the science he posts about; named by Mentors
    Homework Helper - has history of helpful posts in the Homework section; named by Mentors
    Thanks - has been thanked many times(~100, I'm guessing)
    Patron - supports the forum with donations
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    So I guess I'm just chopped liver then :tongue:
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    SAs and HHs are nominated by other SAs and HHs. As most Mentors are either SAs and/or HHs, they can nominate too.

    Final decision is discussed by Mentors.
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    Call yourself pate, and you can charge twice the price.

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    and how do I get an emeritus?
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    You won't. It's a retired mentor.
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