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Physics Grad School Admission Decisions

  1. Feb 18, 2005 #1
    Some time ago, I applied for admission to physics graduate school in the US for the Fall term of 2005. By the way, I am an international applicant from Singapore (which isn't in China).

    Right about now, I ought to be getting news of the outcomes of my applications. So far, I have 2 admission notifications, from UIUC and Cornell, out of 10 applications.

    Has anyone else here who's an applicant heard anything from the schools?
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    I heard back from UCSB last Saturday, and I know someone who's heard back from MIT, CalTech, and Berkeley (All late last week, I think).
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    I'm sorry, but that was funny. Not all us Americans are that ignorant(well, at least the ones making PhD applications usually aren't).

    I will probably be a little longer for you since you're out of country (assuming you're wating for mail notification, if its online, then you should know the same time as everyone else), but not more than a week or so longer i would think.
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    It was scary seeing how many people voted for Bush, so I had to play it safe by mentioning explicitly that Singapore isn't in China. :biggrin: And contrary to popular belief, we don't whip or flog people for chewing gum here too.

    So far, I have 2, maybe 1.5, admissions. The Cornell one may not count because I heard it from someone who's a physics grad student in Cornell.
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    I thought it was for throwing gum on the side walk, not for chewing it :wink:
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    My alma mater(Virginia Tech) was pretty quick to reject me for graduate study in ChemE :-( - so I'll probably have to take more chemistry as an undergrad unless I get in some of the other universities I applied to (long shot)
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    I've heard from UIUC, UCSB, and UMass, and was accepted to all three. Illinois and Santa Barbara are beyond my wildest dreams, so I was thinking that it was goint to be a tough decision, but Santa Barbara only gives a $15k stipend for a 9 months TA-ship, and with living expenses being what they are in southern California, this may not be a tough decision at all.

    I want to do condensed matter anyway, so it seems like Illinois is the place to go. I don't really want to hijack the thread, but if anyone has any first hand experience with either of these two schools, I'd love to hear feedback.
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