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Physics grad SOP

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    I'm an international student applying to some physics phd programs, during my BS i only attended labs (here, attending lectures is not obligatory)... and still I got high grades.
    the question is: "is this fact positive or negative to mention in my statement of purpose"?
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    I would definitely NOT mention that if I were you.
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    thanks, because I was thinking otherwise!
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    Don't take my answer as gold, it was given from a purely rational thinking perspective, so maybe someone else can chime in, as well. But to me, including this in your statement would suggest your disinterest in Physics, and the magnitude of this negative impact would be greater than any possible positive impact your ability to get good grades without attending lectures might have. If you have good grades, they are namely a testament of your abilities in and of itself, and need no additional "oh yeah, and I also wrote all of my tests with one of my eyes closed and three fingers tied together" bravado.
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    I would read that comment as "this candidate does that which is compulsory but nothing more". That is certainly not a good trait for a PhD, because nothing is compulsory, and you need to be highly dedicated in order to succeed.
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    what I had in mind is that indicates capabily of studying independently, but I think that the points you are making are more solid that mine
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