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Physics graduate school database & Biophysics advice

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    I am beginning graduate school preparations, I am looking for an online database of physics graduate programs that would list things like number of faculty in specific fields, number of graduate students admitted each year, etc...

    I have seen a book like this, specifically for physics graduate programs, that gets published each year. I have not had any luck finding anything similar online, which is understandable since the book probably was expensive.

    Also any advice on biophysics programs (experimental - maybe computational)?

    I will be graduating this year with an applied math degree and all of a physics degree except quantum 1&2. I have worked on two research projects in experimental physics and possible could get a publication from one that I am working right now. I am starting a computational project in a few weeks in a biomedical engineering field (through the math department).

    Also, would it be beneficial to take a biochemistry course (I would rather take quantum, but I already dropped the ball on the prerequisites...)

    About me, I currently have a 4.0 gpa (mostly luck...) from a large (~30,000 undergrads) public research university, will have taken at least two graduate level (math) classes by graduation, and should be able to get three stellar letters of recommendation.

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