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Homework Help: Physics Guidance

  1. Oct 15, 2004 #1
    Hey Physics Experts!

    I got 2 questions which I did my work, but want to double check with someone, anyone!

    Q:A rescue helicoper lifts a 79 kg person straight up by means of a cable. The person has an upward acceleration of 0.70m/s^2 and is lifted from rest through a distance of 11m. a)what is the tension in the cable? How much work is done by b)the tension in the cable and c)the person's weight? d) use the work-energy theorem and find the final speed of the person.

    My work so far:

    a)Tension in cable

    sum of Fy=T-W=ma

    79kg(0.70m/s^2)+79(9.81m/s^2)= 830.29 N

    b)Work by tension in cable:
    W=Fcos(0 degrees)s

    c)work done by person's weight

    =-8525 J

    d)Final speed

    1/2 mv^2=W+1/2mv^2

    Vf=square root (2*9133J/79kg)

    Any suggesions great.

    Here's the other one...

    Q:A particle, starting from point A in the darwing, is projected down the curved runway. upon leaving the runway at point B, the partticle is traveling straight upward reaches a height of 4.00m above the floor before falling back down. ignoring firction and air resistance, find the speed of the particle at point A.

    I've attached a crude paint drawing.

    Ok my work:

    Wnc (non conservative work) = 0


    1/2mv^2 + mgh= 1/2mVo^2+mgh

    Since kinetic and potential must be constant then I can cancel some terms

    so mgh=1/2mVo^2

    Vo=square root(2*9.81*(4m-3m))
    Vo= 4.43m/s

    Sounds too simple if you ask me.

    Somethings in err, comments?
    Thanks all.

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  3. Oct 15, 2004 #2
    Both problems look like they have been solved correctly. Good job.
  4. Oct 15, 2004 #3
    Look like. Can we say for certain lol. Bump
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