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Physics help, thermodynamics?

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    a pound of body fat has an energy content of about 4100 kcal. if a 1400kg automobile had an equivalent amount of translational kinetic energy, how fast would is be moving?
    <.447 m/s = 1mph, 1kcal= 4186j>

    I really dont know how to approach this question if someone could show me step by step how to do it I would appreciate it, so I can learn how to do it.

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    If 1Kcal = 4186J then 4100 Kcal = 1.72e7 J
    KE = .5mv2
    1.72e7 = .5(1400)v2
    v = 156.58m/s = 350mph
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    Thanks for the reply could you provide the basic formulas for me you used to solve this?

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    The only one I really used was the Ke = .5mv^2 that I listed above. I just converted the Kcal to Joules, That is the KE, the rest is solving for v
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    ok thanks
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