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Physics help!

  1. Mar 28, 2004 #1
    The mass of a boat is M=80kg, the mass of a boy is m=36kg. The boy moves from the stern to the bows of the boat. What distance does the boat move, if its length is 2.8m? At such low speeds the water resistance may be neglected. Hint: Center of mass remains at rest.

    Please help becuase I am stumped... :confused:
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    [tex]M_{boat} \Delta {X_{boat}} + m_{boy}\Delta {X_{boy}} =0 [/tex]

    Coose ur reference frame let it be at the bow of the boat
    Now dboy=dboy/boat+dboat

    Let x be the displacement of boat then (Delta)Xboat = x
    dboy = x-l

    Where l is the length
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