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    12. A hiker hears an echo 1.5 s after shouting over a valley. Estimate the width of the valley.

    6. Two billard balls of equal mass undergo a perfeclty elastic head-on collison. If the speed of the white ball was initaially 2.00 m/s, and of the 8-ball 3.00 m/s in the oposite direction, what will be the final speed of the 8-ball?

    7. A ball of the mass 2.0 kg moving east with a speed of 4.0 m/s collides head-on with a 0.92 kg ball at rest. If the collision is perfectly elastic, what will be the speed and direction of each ball after the collision?
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    Please note that:

    1. We have a HW help section

    2. You have to show what you have done, or at least know SOMETHING about the question. We do not solve the problem for you.

    Please read the Sticky in this section.

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