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Physics homework help

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    I need help with physics...I don't want answers...that's for cheaters, and can retrieve the answers...I need help understand how the answer came to be. The book I'm using is giancoli, I'm on chapter 16 Electric Charge and Electric Field.:eek: I have a square with both + and - charges of 6.00mC on opposite corners and the distance between the charges is .100m, how do I solve this I tried using an example in the book but my answer did not match up....help!
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    Are there charges on all four corners, or just two?

    You never stated the question in full (most of us don't own the book, so don't cite where it came from, just give a good description of the problem). So, for example, I have no clue what you're even trying to solve for
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    Find the resultant electric field probably.
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