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Physics Humour

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    Read this,its quite fun....
    http://pages.infinit.net/garrick/jokes/physics.html [Broken]
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    Well if nothing else( and urban legend as it maybe) This is the sort of thinking you like to see in science and the sort of thinking that teachers should encourage, take a problem and then use Occam's razor to solve it, an excellent student who not only know's how to calculate height from barometer readings but how to think outside of the mould.

    I'd of given him the fullest credit, for the most complete answer to a question and thus the most scientifically meritable. The definitive answers are important, but the abilty to think outside of the envelope is better, when a student shows a nack for creative thinking, no matter what level he's at, it should be encouraged, nay lauded.

    You can pass a course by learning all the ins and outs of the established, I think that a scientist should or does go beyond that, spending time thinking about the less obvious the more lateral solutions, even if he is still at high school.:smile:
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    now i see why they used Bohr's name!
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