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Physics in China

  1. Apr 12, 2009 #1

    I am planning to go to China for two semesters after my fourth semester of studying Physics in Germany. Of course my main object is to improve my Chinese and learn about the cultue, but I would also like to gain academically. Can anyone give me a overview over the physics programs in China, and do you have any suggestions or advice ? Which universities can you recomend ?
    Thank you in advance.

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    I'm a Chinese student and currently I'm a physics major at at US university.
    The best physics programs in China are
    1,Peking Univ.(or Beijing Univ.)
    2,China Science and Technology Univ.
    3,Nanjing Univ.
    4,Fudan Univ.
    No doubt Peking univ has the best physics program in China, and I think Beijing is an ideal place for you learn Chinese language and culture etc. So definitely go to Peking Univ. if you can.
    Although I like China Sci. and Tech Univ. but I really don't recommend this univ. because of it's bad location. Basically it in an under-developed city and the university is like MIT in some sense. It not a good place if you want to learn Chinese.
    And finally, Nanjing Univ. and Fudan Univ. both have great physics programs. Nanjing Univ. is stronger academically, but Fudan is in Shanghai, the best city in China. So it's your choice.
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    No Tsinghua? Many people seem to regard it highly, but whether it's for the strength of its academics, or for its alumni (it seems as if the majority of the Politburo and senior Communist Party leadership graduated from there) I'm not sure.

    EDIT: Also in Beijing
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    Tsinghua is the best university in China.
    However Tsinghua is famous for its engineering program, not for its physics program.
    It's like Yale is one of best univ. in US, but it's physics program is not necessarily the best in US.
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